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It has been a while since I last posted anything. 


I am attracted to people of love over people of laws. I am attracted to people of action over people of talks and discussions. 

05.Jan.14 9 months ago

"Somewhere in America" And the Socio-Economic Divisions it Reinforces


By now, you’ve probably seen the #Mipsterz (Muslim Hipsters) video, titled “Somewhere in America,” that has been circulating the internet for almost two weeks. It’s essentially a music video that depicts fashionable Muslim-American women being American - taking selfies, riding skateboards, hanging…

03.Dec.13 10 months ago

Looking into buying a pair of 7 for all mankind Carsen. Has anyone tried these? 

07.Jun.13 1 year ago

Call your mom, check up on a younger cousin, etc. Become Muhammadan.

There is no better way of improving one’s writing than by reading great writing by others. I am working on a law article this semester, for which I had to submit an introduction to my professor couple of weeks after school started. Since then, I have had to do many hours assigned reading. The books assigned for my Islamic Law seminar were exceptional proses. 

After all that reading, now that I am revisiting the introduction for my paper, I can pinpoint the inadequacies of it. 

07.Mar.13 1 year ago

Tweet from Muhammad Alshareef (@shMuhammad)

Muhammad Alshareef (@shMuhammad) tweeted at 7:38 PM on Tue, Feb 19, 2013: People give preference to things which are familiar. So put a wow twist on the familiar. #nichehero (https://twitter.com/shMuhammad/status/304027102607454208) Get the official Twitter app at https://twitter.com/download

20.Feb.13 1 year ago
14.Feb.13 1 year ago

Question About Islam


Wanted to ask everyone if they maybe know of any good resources or information online related to Islam. I would like to find something that is preferably unbiased and would like something that can help explain the different branches of Islam a little bit better. I’ve been trying to study a lot more about Islam but am having a hard time finding information that I feel like I can trust instead of just propaganda. Anyone have any suggestions?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXoLwyelxOg  (I know its long, but its the best resource I can think of. Enjoy =] )

12.Feb.13 1 year ago